Pictures taken on walks from our house

Olbrich Botanical Gardens (1.5 miles from home)

(admission is free)
thai pavillion

Thai Pavillion, a gift from Thailand to the University of Wisconsin.  They didn't have room for it so Olbrich took it.  There's also a great view of it from the bike path.


meadow flowers

Edna Taylor Conservation Park and Aldo Leopold Nature Center (Adjacent)

~2 miles from home.

edna taylor conservation park



more frogs

It was a great day for frogs.  I didn't realize the tadpoles got so big before becoming frogs.  They appeared to be in transition at this time (June 29), all the frogs at different stages.  At left is one that looks more like a  tadpole.  At bottom right it looks more like a frog.  We must have seen a hundred frogs!

frog in transition

This one seems to be in transition.  It has legs and a tail.  Of course I know nothing about this so I could be totally wrong.  But it was cool.

frog lady

Frog lady.

A walk in Monona (about 5 miles total)

view of downtown

Downtown Madison

bear fan

a bears fan!   I don't care who they root for in the privacy of their living room but do they have to flaunt it?


wow, a big (sea?) turtle at Schluter park (by the Bait & Ice Cream shop).   It was either burying its eggs (?) or getting ready to lay them (?).  Okay, once again, I have no idea.  But after it did this, it scampered back into the lake faster than I've ever seen a turtle go.  I'd like to see it race a rabbit.  It was about a foot long!